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  • Full Feline Disease Screen $85
  • Full Feline Traits Screen $85
  • Complete Feline Screen
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  • Clubs & Associations registered with us receive 10% discount.


  • We give you a further 10% discount for ordering & paying for your tests online.

How to use My ADL

Create a MyADL Profile

To create a MyADL user profile, enabling you to order swabs and tests online and keep a profile of your animals and their tests, click on the Register for MyADL button on the MyADL page. Fill in the form including your contact details, email and password. Please ensure your postal address is correct as this is the address that will be used to post you kits and hard copies of the results if ordered.

Personalise your MyADL profile

Use the “My Animal” function to enter your animals' details. You can even upload photos.

Include your club discount code or register for a 10% discount

If your club/association is registered with us and youhave a valid Animal DNA Laboratory registration code, please select “Insert an organization code” at the bottom of the “My Profile” page andinsert the code.

If your club/organization/cattery is not registered with us and you wishto register, please select “ Register my organization” at the bottom ofthe “My Profile page”. We will then send you instructions to confirm your registration.

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will receive a unique code which you will need to enter into your profile page to automatically entitle you to the 10% organisation discount.

This code will automatically register your 10% discount at the checkout for all online orders.

Start ordering tests

Select “Start an order” to begin ordering tests.

Simply select which animal you would like to order tests for and check the box for each test you would like ordered. Once you have ordered the tests for that animal you can order tests for other animals saved to your MyADL profile or go to the review order screen.

Review your order

Once you have ordered your tests, click on the “Review Order” button.
The “Review Order” screen displays a summary of all the tests ordered.

Payment - online or mail

MyADL now allows you to securely pay online. Plus, all online orders receive a further 10% discount.

There are 3 ordering and payment options:

1. Online credit card payments. Select Credit card, then fill in your credit card details on our secure online payment gateway. Your 10% discount will automatically be applied upon selecting the credit card option. Don’t forget to print your order form which needs to be included with your swabs.

2. PayPal payments. You will be directed to PayPal's secure online payment site. Follow the instructions and don't forget to navigate back to the MyADL site to print your order form, which needs to be included with your swabs.

3. Offline Payments. You may still choose to process your payments offline. Should you wish to do so you will need to print order form as directed on the payment screen, and chose your selected payment method and mail the form to Animal DNA Laboratory with your swabs. Testing will commence once your order form has been received and your payment has been processed.

Please note: when ordering swabs, kits will be dispatched once your swab order is received and your payment has been processed. For faster delivery of sample collection swab kits, please order and pay for swabs online.

Receiving your results

For confidentiality, no results will be given over the phone. Resultsof testing will be emailed to you and saved to your MyADL profile. You can printthem for free from this section. Printed copies may be posted tothe owner/breeder or veterinarian, at an additional cost.

Any Problems - please contact us


L-2-HGA (L-2-Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria)
Ivermectin Sensitivity

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PKD Disease Testing
Chocolate Cinnamon
Parentage verification
Dilute Colour...

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